Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Make a Wish!

It was my best friends birthday last week, so I thought I would treat her to some very special, Rosie and Radish inspired cupcakes. I was sure that our 'Make a Wish' illustration would be the perfect image to top off the sweet treats!

I thought they looked so cute that it would be a waste not to share them with our lovely Rosie and Radish fans ... so, if you follow the instructions below you can make your very own 'Make a Wish' birthday cupcakes! The recipe will make 12 cakes.

First of all, save the image below to your desktop, print it onto thick paper, then follow the instructions to make 12 cupcake toppers ...

... Then get your ingredients together, and your apron on, to make the delicious cupcakes!

Be sure to share with us photos of your creations! Happy baking!

Amy Xx

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