Monday, 14 April 2014

Sneaky Peek: 'Daydreamer' Designs...

Okay, so we might have been just a teeny bit giddy in the last post about the up and coming Progressive Greetings show but reality has now well and truly sunk in...

Panic? Us two? Never!

(Well maybe just a tiny bit - ahem).

So we have been pretty quiet on here of late and the reason behind that is the fact that we have been busy working up our three lovely ranges.

Right from the very start of our Rosie and Radish adventure Amy and I have been really keen to work up a range that allows us to embrace our love of vintage print, whimsical illustration, pastel shades, ditsy florals, and swirly typefaces. Our 'Daydreamer' designs have been created with all of that in mind...

We hope you like them!

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