Saturday, 17 August 2013

Snap Happy

Even after a few minor hiccups I am pleased to tell you that the first Rosie and Radish photo shoot was a success. Hurrah!

After misplacing the keys to our original venue we decided to fly by the seat of our pants and set up our shoot in Helen’s parents garden in the beautiful Durham countryside. And boy are we glad we did! Filled with apple trees, flowers and quirky hidden pathways it proved to be the perfect setting for Rosie and Radish to run riot and play hide and seek amongst the greenery.

After a few improvised radish leaves, a greenhouse invasion and a whole lot of snapping our mission was complete. Here is a sneaky peek of our favourites …

And the fun certainly didn’t stop there. Not only was I going to go home with a hard drive full of photos but also a cute, hairy, scruffy male admirer … of the canine variety. It is safe to say Helen’s little dog Ralph took a bit of a shine to me throughout the day. Now a children’s lifestyle brand blog is neither the place nor platform to describe the extent of this ‘shine’ but lets just say Ralph provided me with the most male attention I’ve had in a while! 

So that’s the photos and my love life sorted, now its all hands on deck and a race against time to build our super duper website! 

Amy Xx

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