Monday, 26 August 2013

The Lightbulb Moment

So, as with any good story it is always best to start at the beginning and although Amy has filled you in on where our friendship began, I thought that it might be a good idea to share with you where the idea for Rosie and Radish began!

Picture the scene... it's a quirky craft fair (my third venture into the world of craft fairs) and Amy's first. Amy thought she would trial run her greeting card designs on my stall. She had come up with the name 'Radish' for her range and I was exhibiting my illustrated cards and pictures under the name 'Miss Rosie Blue'. Despite all the lovely stalls the passing trade was a little bit quiet which, on the upside, meant we had lots of time to talk about life, love and our big dreams. 

The Miss Rosie Blue/ Radish Extravaganza at the craft fair.

Joining in our discussion was a lady on the next stall who made fantastic handbags and also dealt out excellent advice. She said, and I quote...

"You girls are missing a trick here. Why don't you go into business together? Between the two of you, you have all the skills and ideas you need."

Talk about a lightbulb moment. FLASH!

For years we had joked about it, but something about that moment just made it suddenly seem like it might just work, especially when said Lovely Handbag-Maker/ Life Guru clicked her fingers and said,

"You even have a catchy name there - Rosie Radish!"

That night a texting frenzy started...

Amy: I can't stop thinking about a future Rosie Radish business venture. I really think it could work! V exciting!

Me: I think it has lots of potential too! Wonder what Alan Sugar would make of that one ;)

Amy: (early next morning) I've had a Rosie Radish brainwave in my sleep...I'm going to arrange a meeting with a business adviser ASAP!!!!

You get the picture by now don't you?! Let's just say we were both a wee bit excited and desperate to get started. We had our first meeting with the businesss adviser within a week and when he didn't think us or our idea was nuts or unachieveable that was the vote of confidence we needed to really get the ball rolling...

Initial sketches - is that a little Radish I can see?!

Our second business meeting...

Initial website ideas...



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