Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Made in the 80's

I have had a very entertaining morning looking through photos of us as kids to put on the ‘About Us’ section of our website. As children of the 80's the choice of suitable photographs to share with the world, free from frizzy hair and neon are somewhat limited. However I am proud to say that one such photo of myself was the inspiration behind one of Helen’s illustrations long before Rosie & Radish were born. Look at this amazing ‘Made in the 80's’ illustration Helen whipped up a few years ago for my 30th Birthday … 

… and look what inspired it … 

Yes that’s right folks. That is a photo of me testing out the latest in breakthrough 1980’s audio technology. I clearly wasn’t overly impressed by the sound quality. Either that or my smile was buckling under the weight of the Walkman. I wouldn't even like to guess what I was listening to?!

Either way I love the way Helen captured the moment in her illustration and managed to make me look a little less stroppy! 

Amy Xx

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