Saturday, 16 November 2013

Well hello Dolly!

Amy has been very busy keeping this blog up to date whilst I have been a teeny bit busy with other matters - mainly getting married and drawing up lots of Rosie and Radish illustrations.

I thought it was time I brushed off my keyboard and gave Amy a break so that I can introduce two very special little characters and a brand new product that is perfect for Christmas (just over 6 weeks to go...eek!)

Firstly, let me introduce you to a rather dapper young chap. Sam is a mischievous little boy who has a big heart and a cheeky grin. Like Rosie, he has a special little partner in crime - Spud the Hedgehog. Spud can be a bit shy, often curling up into the potato-shaped ball which inspired his name. Look out Batman and Robin, there is a new dynamic duo in town...

And the other news I am very happy to share with you is that Amy and I have developed a wonderfully retro pair of Rosie and Sam paperdolls with a special festive twist.

There was much fun involved in coming up with the prototypes - I never thought I would devote such a large amount of time dwelling on such ponderings as the size of Rosie's neck or whether Sam's hair was just too curly to cut out!

They are perfect as stocking fillers for the little people in your life and trust me, they will definitely keep them occupied for a while. Amy was very quiet and well-behaved as she trial ran the first one. Of course every doll passes through the Ralph the Studio Dog inspection to check that it arrives to you in tip top condition too!

You can purchase them on our website here. Please note that Ralph the Dog is not included (although this is negotiable on how naughty he has been).


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