Monday, 19 May 2014

13 Things We've Learnt from our PG Live 2014 Experience ...

1. Although road trips with mice can be fun, never totally trust your Sat Nav (or you might end up doing a ten point turn in a back alley the size of a 2 man tent).

2. Industrial strength velcro and freshly painted MDF are not a match made in greeting card stand heaven. Avoid such a combo at all costs.

3. Carrying paint pots, brushes and metre-long spirit levels (amongst other things) on public transport does not go un-noticed (even in London where supposedly 'anything goes').

4. 'Granny Chic' is the future. Long live the M&S natural tan tight.

5. We really do love a nice glass of wine.

6. Its very useful to take a useful note book with you wherever you go to jot down lots of very useful stuff.

7. Chalk (essential for drawing aeroplane 'zooms' on our stand) is very hard to come by in the big smoke. That stuff is sacred. If you ever find yourself in such a predicament head to your nearest coffee shop and ask for assistance.

8. Me and Louis were meant to be together.

9. It's scary how much fun you can have with a stuffed crocheted mouse. DJ Rad-Maus is in da haus.

10. This trade show malarky is very tiring.

11. It's amazing how everything seems hilarious after very little sleep. (See most of the above).

12. The world of greeting cards is such a wonderful, friendly industry to be part of and we loved every minute of it ... It was made even better to come home to pack orders for our lovely new customers!

13. 13 really is our lucky number. We were established in 2013. PG Live started on the 13th May and our bestselling card to date is number 13 in the 'Scribbles By Radish' range ... Radish loves being a little clever clogs!

Amy Xx

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