Friday, 9 May 2014

Radish - Our Lucky Mascot...

It all started with a little throwaway comment with my friend Liz over coffee. She had shown me a picture of a gorgeous little crocheted mouse she had made for our friend's little boy and I said "Can you imagine a crocheted Radish?!"

I didn't even think it would be possible. Liz had no pattern and only the illustrations of little Radish to go from but for the last few weeks important questions like this have been raised...

"Just how big is Radish's tummy - little pot belly or big?"

"Should he have eyebrows?"

"How curly should his tail be?"

"Are his ears floppy or structured?"

"Whiskers pointing out or down?"

"How thick should the stripes be on his jumper?"

After crocheting up an absolute storm, I came face to face with Radish's crocheted counterpart yesterday. It was such a lovely feeling to see a little character that first came to life in my head, then my sketchbook, then in Amy's card designs and then finally, in full 3d form, sitting in front of me, complete with a little crocheted yellow balloon, good luck card and his belongings all packaged up ready for his trip to the Big Smoke next week at PG Live! Liz is truly the Crochet Queen!!!!

From illustration... real life crocheted Radish!

If you would like to see this cheeky little fellow in person, he will be resting his little pot belly and floppy ears on Stand 655 at PG Live on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Come along and say hello!



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